Excelence in Education for Olorisas, across traditions

We believe in "a doctrine of Orisa tradition that's aim is to become awake in various ways and to embody the ase of one's orisa. This doctrine is an open system, it seeks to make one enlightened via participation in practices that are close to nature through the learning, development and practice of:


1. Iwure/Adura (prayers)


2. Ala (dream development)


3. Eegun (mediumship)


4. Iran/Onmo/Igboran/Asobade (visions/intuition/psychic hearing)


5. Idikaro/Sise/Irari/Iseosa/Idosu (forms of initiation and commitment making)


6. Oriki/Odu/Orin (praise chants, Odu/Songs)


Development and mastery of these areas leads one to stage where you become Olookan, a kind of enlightened being that is constantly in connection with the ase of their Orisa. The Olookan does not need Erindilogun or mediumship because they are already connected and in the know. Life is like a page and those who seek you have their page opened to you. " ~ Baba Solomon

From initiate to Olookan, elevating Olorisa doctrine and practice



We see ourselves as connected to the past and present of Orisa tradition and with Olorisas all over the world. We share a responsibility for each other inside and outside our traditions and know that the best way to deal with adversity, is by learning and working together.  Many of us feel called, now more than ever to show up to the world, with our best divination, best practices, our best medicine and our best healing for our ancestors, each other, ourselves and for the planet.


Egbe Imodoye Orisa supports traditional Orisa structures and developing strong communities, Iles, ramas, axes and houses. We believe in maintaining respectful, hierarchical relationships with elders. We know that the best way to learn is in communities and with our elders, by knowing our histories and respecting the ways that our traditions formed.

We also feel that we are at a moment of unprecedented opportunity to connect with our brothers and sisters, elders and teachers in Nigerian Orisa practice. We have found that these online courses and chats are an amazing way to do that.

We feel that through studying with

Egbe Imodoye Orisa, our individual traditions and practices become more vibrantly enhanced as we understand more thoroughly what is at their foundation.  We believe that the more we connect with the root, the better we can see ourselves as a whole and complete tree.

To create community, unity and harmony in the community

Many years ago while consulting merindilogun (idasa) with a respected elder, Baba Solomon was told he would teach many foreigners, many people from "across the waters." He laughed and couldn't see how that would be happen, so he put it in the back of his mind. Then, in the winter of 2019, Tara Bianca d' Osala, after having observed Baba Solomon's consistent, calm and  knowledgeable presence in Facebook forums, asked him if he would like to put together a lecture based Merindilogun class.  She had observed that in online conversations, where Olorisas were sharing knowledge about Orisa traditions, Yoruba Olorisas from Nigeria were practically absent with the exception of one or two.  This seemed like a huge loss for all Olorisas and an area of connection that needed attention. Tara and Baba Soloon went back and forth and discussed the possibilities and came up with a plan. Soon they  began to disseminate the idea of a class on Odu and Erindilogun and they began to gather interested Olorisas and so Erindilogun class 1, was born. 


From his mixed orisa background, Baba Solomon brings a cross cultural knowledge of orisa to the world through his work as the primary teacher of Egbe Imodoye Orisa.
He feels that that all olorisa: from Isese, Candomble, Lukumi, Sango in Trinidad  and practices in Haiti are the same, just with slightly different ideologies. His intention is to spread the teachings of orisa from Nigeria with a point of view that seeks to unite us .
He wants to use his teaching to disseminate knowledge and to dispel limits for all orisa people, all over the world and elevate the practices of all Olorisa, so that we are developing as fully and richly as we can. He started as our friend online, and became our teacher. We are very grateful to work with him to bring this education to an online forum.

Egbe Imodoye Orisa


**classes are run on a partially volunteer basis, please be patient as we may need time to get back to you

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