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Meet our teacher


Baba Solomon Mgbejume Omojie (Osundara) is an Ika and Yoruba priest living and working in Lagos, Nigeria. He was born into a family that has been cultivating Olokun in the Edo tradition for the kings of Owa in the Delta state in Nigeria for 500 years. He initiated to Olokun at 12 years old and is an Ohenren Olokun of the Ika. Solomon is initiated to Osun and Yemoja with Olukunmi Egbelade, the Baale Yemoja of Ibadan and holds the title Amoja (sash holder) there. He has also initiated to the Orisa Olokun in the Yoruba tradition with Iya Aboshade in Idimu Lagos and later to Obatala, Orisa Oko, Obaluaye, and Oya. He is Baba Egbe having undergone Egbe initiation in both Ibadan and Ilaro. He is an egungun priest, onigelede (initiated in Ilaro by Olori Agberu Gelede) and an Apena of Ogboni and Asugbo. He holds the title of Idion in Osakpeka society of the Edo/Delta people. 


Baba Solomon has studied Merindilogun and ritual practice with many great Babas and Iyas including the Baale Yemoja of Ibadan, the Iya Yemoja from Iseyin, the Iya Omo Meji Sango of Oyo, Olori Agberu (head of both Gelede and Egbe) of Ilaro,  as well as Muajero, the Oluwin of Ibadan, the Iya Osun of Inisha and Iya Ayo, the Olori Olorisa of Iseyin.  He has an active open ile Orisa in Lagos and over 150 students in the US and the UK, while teaching, he also continues to study and visit regularly with his elders. 


Additionally Solomon has initiated as a priest of Kunga in the Republic of Cameroon and as such he brings a wealth of cross cultural knowledge and understanding to his role as a teacher, scholar and priest. He has extensively studied and practiced martial arts and Hindu tantra where he has  taken vows. Solomon holds a postgraduate degree in Criminology from Obafemi Awolowo University and is currently enrolled in a master’s degree program in the same field. He works in the field of public security for Nigeria and is the author of the chapbook, The Initiate.  

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