~One does not dive under water without knowing how to swim~                                                 Yoruba Proverb

Obi Divination

This class gives a thorough overview of traditional Obi divination. Students are provided an ase for working with Obi, traditional Iton and Oriki on Obi, explanations of five basic throws, including hand and body gestures specific to them. Notes include rules for divination with Obi, Orisa that speak in Obi, transcription and translation of Oriki and prayers and discussion of variation in throws, including information on male/female sides of Obi. Grow your understanding of and be empowered by using one of first, original forms of divination among Orisa worshippers. This class will show you that Obi divination is in fact a complete divination system in and of itself. 

Intro to Egbe

This class will cover basic Yoruba theology of Egbe and how Egbe exists inside of Orisa worship. Egbe or "heavenly mates" as they are known, are an aspect of Yoruba traditional spirituality that many are just beginning to discover. This class covers iton, oriki, qualities of different Egbe, offerings and propitiation. This course assumes familiarity with Yoruba language and theology in general and is appropriate for practitioners of Orisa traditions involved in Nigeria, Brazil, Cuba, the US and beyond.  

Intro to Iyami

Intractive learning

Iyami Osoronga Aje is a Yoruba term of respect and endearment used to describe a super powerful society of mostly feminine forces who wields a myriad of arcane creative, biological, spiritual, and cosmic powers. This introductory lecture class includes an explanation of these forces,  propitiation, oriki, iton and imule in order to deepen your relationship to them. Notes include transcriptions and translations, and details on offerings, locations for offerings and much more. 

As part of these classes, you are welcome to be placed into a Whatsapp chat group designed to explore class content.  After you've watched videos you will be interacting with other students in this online forum, asking questions in an interactive learning environment. Chats are named after the class and the dates they run are in the descriptin. Chat swill run twice yearly, for one month. Chat groups for Obi Divination and Egbe begin December 7th and go until January 7th. Chat groups for Ori and Iyami begin January 7th and go until February 7th. If you miss the chat, you can request to jump in the next time we run it. We will run chats 3-4 times per year depending on registration. If you are not alredy inside of our Egbe News chat, reach out to be added to Whatssap chats and  please email iya Tara by clicking here.

Egbe Imodoye Orisa

**classes are run on a volunteer basis, please be patient as we may need time to get back to you

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