~One does not dive under water without knowing how to swim~                                                 Yoruba Proverb

Erindilogun series

This is series that covers the Oracle of the Olorisa, Odu 1-16 and special topics relevant to Erindilogun. In each lecture there is general overview of each Odu with an exploration of the words and puns on words themselves.  There is pertinent advice, two oriki, one iton (story) the Orisas that speak strongly in that odu, some basic prescriptions including  introduction to etutu (propitiation) ebo (prescribed sacrifices) and oogun (prescribed medicines).  Class runs in Fall or Spring depending on interest. Learn more here

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Foundations class

This is a series of courses offered for ordained initiates and ogbirin, or uninitiated aborisa who have some level of Orisa tradition involvement and want to deepen their understanding. We cover topics general to Orisa religion in Nigeria and clarifies core doctrines and practices of Orisa worship that are applicable for diasporic traditions as well. 


We currently offer and are developing classes on the basics of individual Orisa such as Olokun, Aje, Iroko, Obatala, Esu, Yemoja and Osun. Some will be offered in Fall 2020 and more throughout 2021

Special topics series

These classes address topics of special interest to Olorisa in the diaspora and they run twice yearly.  Up comming classes in the series include: Obi, Ori for non initiates, Introduction to Egungun, Introduction to Egbe,  Aje Orisa of wealth and for initiates only: Ori/Bori, Iyami (special permission can be given for non initiates to take Iyami class) classes as well as Oogun and Awure and Osho, medicine for wealth building. Some of these special topics classes are also embedded into the Erindilogun series. We will be emailing the dates for these classes as they become available in Fall of 2020.

Egbe Imodoye Orisa

**classes are run on a volunteer basis, please be patient as we may need time to get back to you

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