~One does not dive under water without knowing how to swim~                                                 Yoruba Proverb

Special topics series

These classes address topics of special interest to Olorisa in the diaspora, they are are hosted on Hotmart and chat groups for them run twice yearly.  Current classes include: Introduction to Egbe,  Ori Apere, Introduction to Iyami ,Obi Divination,  Osayin and Oogun, medicines for Olorisas, Iyami Olokiki Oru and the Orisa Osun (for Olorisas) and Ori and Ibori for Olorisas.  Introduction to Egungun,  Olokun from a Yoruba and Ika perspective.Click here for descriptions of these classes. Classes currently in the works for 2021/2022 will be The Orisa Esu,  Obatala, Gelede, Odua and the Egbado Orisa, Advaned Aje and Oogun for Aje for Olorisas. We currently have ideas in the creative pipeline for Foundations of Yoruba Spirituality and Spiritual Development. 

Erindilogun series

This is series that covers an overview of Divination in Nigeria, Merindilogun the primary oracle of the Olorisa, Odu 1-16 and traditional memory and intuition building pratices. In each lecture there is general overview of each Odu with an exploration of the words and puns on words themselves.  There is pertinent advice, two oriki, one iton (story, aka apatakin) the Orisas that speak strongly in that odu, some basic prescriptions including introduction to etutu (propitiation) ebo (prescribed sacrifices) and oogun (prescribed medicines).  Class runs in Fall or Spring depending on interest. The next cohort is slated to begin in Fall 2021 or early 2022.