About Our Community

How to get involved

We offer classes with our teacher, Baba Solomon Omojie on traditional Yoruba religion, Esin Ibile or also referred to as Isese practice.  Currently,  video lecture classes are on the learning platform Hotmart, where participants will purchase online class and downloadable note access.  All classes require going through an application process to confirm your involvement, tradition, ordination and level of development.  Once you apply and we get you registered you will be sent the most recent list of available class links for purchase..  Video lecture lessons are accompanied by notes, key vocabulary and sometimes audio files.  If there is a Group chat with question and answer happening on Whatssap, after you've purchased for class, if we have your contact info, you will be put inside the Q and A chat group, if not please email us to be put in. Current and upcoming classes are posted with description in the Class page here on the website and the schedule is posted on the home page.  We are looking at developing a foundation series on the basics of Yoruba spirituality as well as continuing to develop individual Orisa classes, up next will be a class on Obatala, Esu and Gelede and the Orisa of Egbado.  We are hoping to start Erindilogun part 1  in Fall 2021.

Interactive learning

Once a year for each class, we run a Q and A chat on Whatssap. Chats are named after the class and begin on the 7th of the month that they are running and last one month. Baba Solomon loves interacting with students and is incredibly generous with his availability to answer questions. Chats can be quite lively and are always informative if participants are active.  If you join us and a chat is starting or ongoing, you are highly encouraged to participate.  You are welcome to purchase and view classes when there is no chat offered as well.  If you want to be added to our our Egbe News chat,  where Baba Solomon regulaly posts content, reach out to be added to Whatssap chats and  please email iya Tara by clicking here.