About Our Community

We are a group of Orisa tradition practitioners, ordained priests, olorisas, elders and juniors, iyas and babas who study together with Baba Solomon Omojie. The traditions  and lineages we come from are diverse, Lukumi, Candomble, Isese, but we are joined together by our love of Orisa and the desire to grow, deepen our knowledge and elevate our practice. We respect the sacrifice, wisdom, tenacity and beauty of our individual traditions and at the same time understand that our Olorisa brothers and sisters located in Nigeria have a unique ability to expand our understanding as they are at the source of our traditions. 

What we do in the Egbe, is enhance our relationship to our root traditions, not supplant them or seek to change them. Our first cohort came together in Spring of 2019 to study Odu weekly with a simple video lecture and chat with question and answer period.  We soon realized that the class would require more than one video lecture per Odu so we decided to create a second term to deepen perspective and at that time we commited to learning together for over a year.  We developed what we called the "special classes" to address a wide variety of topics that arose inside Odu: from Ori to Obi to Egbe, Egungun and so on. These special topics were also lectures that could speak to specific questions diasporic practitioners had about contemporary Nigerian Orisa religious practice. They, along with the Erindilogun, were designed to enrich understandings of worship that had survived, and not, in the African traditional religious diaspora.  

Our second cohort for part one Erindilogun class formed in the Spring of 2020.  This cohort began in Spring and we decided it would run through summer, so we were able to include special topics inside of it. Both cohorts have taught us a lot about how we want to move forward. We continue to grow, consider and propose new material to our teacher, Baba Solomon. This growth is born from our needs as spiritual people in the 21st century.  We seek to access, disseminate and uplift ancient knowledge, so that we may transform this knowledge into wisdom, hence the meaning of our name, Egbe Imodoye Orisa which means "Orisa community that turns knowledge to wisdom." 

Our focus is on centering the oracle of Merindilogun divination and educating Olorisas and Orisa priests as a primary source of knowledge and understanding of Orisa tradition. Classes explore deeply, the Odu of Merindilogun and the core doctrines, practices and beliefs of Olorisas. This is sometimes in contrast to or different from, the other major parallel and overlapping and interwoven tradition in Nigeria,  Ifa and the priesthood of Orunmila.

We develop classes and create community out of our own interests, love and enthusiasm for Orisa.  We also study in the interest of serving the people that we care for spiritually as diviners, healers, iyalorisas and babalorisas, egbons and Olorisas. We recognize there has long been a lack of access to knowledge and even basic information coming from Olorisas in Nigeria to Olorisas in the Diaspora. We seek to redress gaps and absences, create bridges and elevate Olorisa practice in to its full status as one of the world's major spiritual and religious traditions.

How to get involved

We offer classes with our teacher, Baba Solomon Omojie on traditional Yoruba religion, Esin Ibile or also referred to as Isese practice.  Currently,  video lecture classes are being prepared for viewing on the learning platform Hotmart, where participants will paymonthly for access.  All classes require going through an application process to confirm your involvement, tradition, ordination and level of development.  Individuals and groups can enroll in series classes offered once or twice a year.  Video lecture lessons are accompanied by notes, key vocabulary and sometimes audio files.  After application is completed, fees are paid, acceptance and registration happen and you are given a password for Hotmart, where you pay directly for the remainder of class. costs. Group chat with question and answer happens on Whatssap, a smart phone chat app and we are currently looking at other options beyond Whatssap. Current and upcoming classes are posted with description in the Class page here on the website and the schedule is posted on the home page.  Currently many classes are being developed and will be offered in 2021 or 2022. These include but are not limited to: A Foundations series, song and prayer class series, a spiritual development series, an Orisa series and a Omo Egbe series for people who do not have access to consistent spiritual care with their initiating Olorisa elders in Nigeria.

Egbe Imodoye Orisa


**classes are run on a volunteer basis, please be patient as we may need time to get back to you

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