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This lecture series by Baba Solomon Omojie will reveal the mysteries of the Orisa of Wealth know as Aje- the magnificent daughter of Olokun.

Throughout the Diasporic world of Orisa worship Aje and Olokun have been thought of as one in the same. They are not. Aje is a force of nature all in herself.  Most importantly, the energy of Aje is responsible for the wealth and well being of our lives.

Aje is transformative in that she will reveal the importance of the connections with our Ori and various Orisa to facilitate the sustainability of wealth and success we are all seeking in our experience of Ancestral and Orisa worship. The knowledge of who and what Aje is and how to bring her solidly into our lives to support the sustainable well being of our own Ori, relationships with family, and community is what is needed in these times.

Aje’s relationships with Ori, Olokun, Osun, Yemoja, Obatala, Egbe and the Iyami will be taught with clarity. This class is robust with historical information, apatakis (Iton) and practical methodology for Aborisa and Priests.


Registration and viewing begin November 28th 2020 on Hotmart, links to be sent by email on November 27th after you have applied with us on the FAQs page. Whatssap Chat group begins December 7th 2020 and lasts one month. To be added to the Egbe's Whatssap groups, please email Iya Tara


PART 2 coming in Spring 2021.


The second lecture for will be only for Priests who have taken Aje the Orisa of Wealth and the Oogun medicine class with Baba Solomon. These Advanced medicines, prayers and rituals are for the creation of sustainable wealth/well being.

Aje has been one of the Orisa that very few of us have, and the one all of us need.



Erindilogun part 1

Application is rolling, apply on FAQs page and you will be notified by email when a new cohort is starting, we will need 25 participants minimum to begin a new class, for priests only.  Expected start date will be early 2022.



Erindilogun part 2


Next offered in January 2021 for Cohort B particpants.

Current Classes

These classes, taught by Baba Solomon Omojie are currently available via email links. Please apply to join our email to receive them.


Introduction to Egbe

Obi Divination


Introduction to Iyami 

Introduction to Ori


Emails will go out to Egbe members by December 20th, check for emails from info@egbeimodoye orisa.

Orisa Aje, Her Wealth and Beauty Revealed

Isé orí ran mi ni mon se 
Ònà Òrìsà la fún mi ni mon to

It is the errand which Orí sent me that I am running ~
It is the path which Òrìsà laid out for me that I am following~

Egbe Imodoye Orisa

Egbe Imodoye Orisa


**classes are run on a volunteer basis, please be patient as we may need time to get back to you

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